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Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd Prize for the Service of Charity Works

Charity work is widely spread in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It has played an important role in creating solidarity in the community and helping needy individual, and families overcome difficulties and lead a normal healthy life. 

Many organizations have been established to provide charity work and help the community in different aspects of life. In the Eastern Province of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia the Ministry of Social Affairs has established a Society to supervise a number of charity works across the nation.

These charity works need the support of business organizations and also efficient and effective leadership to achieve their objective and provide the services they are created for. To increase the drive for the support of charity works HRH Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd launched a motivational initiative under the name of Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd Award for Services to Charity Works.

Despite the efforts deployed by the Government to help the needy through relevant agencies, HRH realized the importance of concerted efforts to meet the needs of this category.

The Award aims at encouraging acts of charity as well as supporting studies related to it. In addition to the Award the Prince created many projects overseen by Al-Bir Welfare Society of the Eastern Province. One of these projects is Princess Jawaher’s Mashael Al-Khair Center, which provides services to women and helps in rehabilitating and employing them.

The Award created a very strong incentive among organizations and businesses in the Eastern Province to support and serve charity works.


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