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Committee for Social Rehabilitation

Social rehabilitation focuses on members of the community who suffer from problems such as addiction in its various forms. Addiction among youth is an acute social problem faced by most communities worldwide. This problem has continued to be a social threat due to the increased illegal trafficking of narcotics internationally.

The government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is taking strong measures to stop and combat illegal trafficking of drugs and protect youth against being reached and persuaded by traffickers to use narcotics and drugs. However, the threat continues to be severe. 

Youth suffering from addiction face serious personal and social challenges that hinder any possible recovery. They feel totally unable to be integrated in the community and pursue a normal course of life. Social preconceived ideas about addiction add to the exclusion of the addicts which worsens their conditions.

In addition to addicts, another category of persons who need integration and rehabilitation are ex-prisoners who would find it very difficult to reintegrate into the community if they are not given the support they need.

Since social support is a driving force towards efficient recovery measures and integration, HRH Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd took the initiative to bring efforts from the various sectors of the community under the umbrella of the Committee for Social Rehabilitation. The Committee aims at rehabilitating and employing people with special cases to help them meet life requirements.

The committee has been diligently working on rehabilitating people with special cases and on following up with them in order to facilitate their daily tasks and integration process.

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