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Princess Jawaher’s Mashael Al-Khair Center

Women population constitutes half the Saudi community and their contribution to development and raising the standards of living of their own families and the community at large is of paramount and strategic importance. To play their role efficiently and effectively to women and young women in particular, need to be empowered. This empowerment may not be achieved in schools only. There is a lack of volunteer organizations that take empowerment of women as a main goal and establish projects for its realization. Therefore a large number of women are unable to achieve their ambitions because they lack the support and the skills required.

HRH Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd Bin Abdul Aziz addressed this need to empower women by launching his initiative under the name of Princess Jawaher’s Mashael Al-Khair Center. The Center provides a number of services to women in particular and the community at large. Training for employment is an example of the services it provides. The Center also assists women in developing their small businesses and helps them in promoting and marketing their products. 

The main objective of the funds of the Center is to contribute efficiently to reducing women’s unemployment and improving their living conditions. It also endeavors to promote entrepreneurship and the culture of self reliance and assist female investors in starting feasible projects based on sound scientific foundations. The establishment of small industrial enterprises providing craftsmanship and services as a support for existing large-scale industries is encouraged.

The Center implemented a large number of training courses to help young women acquire leadership skills, and a training program under the title “My Skills, My Future” for training young women on basic life skills. A number of young women were supported until their small business succeeded and produced products that were successfully promoted and marketed.


The Center encompasses a number of units specialized in employing women, training and qualifying them for the job market, and a number of services that facilitate the mission of the Center: 

  1. Mashael Al Khair Institute for Women Training: The institute offers diploma programs certified by the Public Institution for Technical and Vocational Training. Training is organized in the fields of computer and secretarial skills, home décor and handicraft, English language, cosmetics and others. 
  2. Training and Rehabilitation Program for the needy families: The program consists of a number of workshops to teach skills and crafts such as cooking, sewing, pottery and ceramics, mirror and home accessories production. 
  3. Classes organized to teach nursing, first aid and child care, secretarial skills and call center qualification training. 
  4. Housing for the trainees: This is a residential complex for students who attend the programs and classes and commute from outside the region, and it includes (12) dorm units. 
  5. The Shops: a number of basic commerce activities in shops where the training for the marketing of products occurs. This unit also provides income to finance and support the activities of the Center. 

The following table shows the number of the training courses that have been implemented including the training areas, the number of trainees and the cost of implementation of each program. 

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