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Princess Nouf Bint Mohammad Bin Fahd Fund for the Support of Working Women

The role of women is always crucial in the development and advancement of the community. HRH Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd Bin Abdul Aziz realized that in many communities, the role of women needed substantial support in order to achieve efficiency. He launched therefore a number of initiatives to empower women and facilitate her role in the targeted communities. PMFHD encompassed many projects and achievements that served women empowerment. These include Prince Sultan Bin Abdul Aziz Fund for Women Development that supported and funded a number of small businesses for women entrepreneurs, in addition to a number of prizes and programs in women development as well as the Women Branch of Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd Program for Youth Development PMPYD. PMPYD has succeeded in finding employment for thousands of young women, as well as designing and implementing women training and developmental programs. Princess Jawaher Bent Nayef Center- Mashael Al Khair was also established to serve women issues and solve problems related to self employment. The center trains young women to artisanal jobs and traditional craftwork. 

Princess Nouf Bint Mohammad Fund for the Support of Working Women comes as a valuable addition to these initiatives. It aims at providing psychological and moral support to working women, training them for job requirements and expectations, and helping them in overcoming the social and professional challenges. 

The Fund operates under Mashael Al Khair Center. It also works hand in hand with the private sector that funds many of its endeavors and brings valuable feedback regarding needs and challenges that are further developed into programs and activities.

This Fund seeks to create job opportunities for girls in general and needy families in particular. The Fund also works on ensuring the girls training courses that lead to employment in cooperation with the private sector in the region. The Fund has managed to employ (100) girls in food factory, (30) girl Zamil Industrial Company and (30) others in the company (Bedoon Essem).

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