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Prince Sultan Bin Abdulaziz Fund for Women Development

The number of educated women has grown rapidly in the Saudi community. Females graduating from high school and universities increased but at the same time employment opportunities remained scarce. As a result unemployment became a chronic problem among the female population.

A large number of women stay at home and become permanent job seekers. On the other hand some ladies seek self employment through establishing their own small businesses. However, these female entrepreneurs face the problem of finding the fund, they need to launch their small businesses. No funding sources are readily available to give them help and support.

HRH Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd Bin Abdul Aziz has always given high support to women causes considering women as an important constituent of the community which success will prominently support the development of the society as a whole. To provide the necessary support, HRH launched his initiative under the name Prince Sultan Bin Abdul Aziz Fund for the support of Women’s Projects. It is an independent structure for financial support for small, new or on-going projects initiated by Saudi Women.

Since it was launched the Fund supported 46 small businesses owned by women and these businesses are currently operating successfully.

A number of new businesses for women are continuously being evaluated for funding.


The Fund aims to achieve the following goals: 

  • Provide support and guidance for women as active contributors in the national economy.
  • Prepare a generation of women that possesses the capacities and the skills needed. 
  • Overcome the obstacles faced by women and provide solutions in various fields to activate their roles. 

The Fund encompasses three centers that support its objectives those are: the Center for Financing and Funding Women Projects, Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd Center for Youth Leadership and Princess Jawaher Bint Nayef for Studies and Research on Women. 

The table below shows the achievements of the Fund in financing projects for girls. 

Through the Center for Financing and Projects Support, the Fund has also launched the Intilaqati Program which provides an integrated training program to prepare young female entrepreneurs to the first steps of initiating a small business, which covers the feasibility study, the financial and the technical aspects, and the marketing and legal dimensions. This project aims at promoting Saudi women in the world of small and medium-sized enterprises. The fund has run 12 Intilaqati workshops thus far and the table below shows details of the Program’s achievements:

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