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Youth Development

Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd Bin Abdulaziz Program for Youth Development

Youth in Saudi Arabia have attracted the attention of governmental and nongovernmental institutions as an eminent category of the society constituting close to sixty percent of the Saudi population. If not well educated and surrounded, youth is at high risk of delinquency and unemployment thus drawing the Saudi society to dangerous social and economical threats. Since a good percentage of youth do not chose the path of higher education, it is crucial to develop technical and vocational paths for them and to develop strategies for these youngsters’ possible careers. Qualifying and employing this category of youth posed a great challenge to the Saudi community. The Ministry of Labor has undertaken a number of projects that aim ultimately at saudization of a variety of professions to decrease unemployment and fight poverty. However, unqualified and inexperienced individuals were not able to assume job responsibilities and thus job retention emerged again as a serious threat to the viability of the measures taken by the public and private sectors to solve this problem.
In 1998, HRH Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd established an office for youth employment that was housed within the College of Technology in Dammam. In the year 2000, the increasing activities of the office added new aspects to its responsibilities and the Prince incorporated the stage of training before employment to ensure job retention. He therefore envisioned a broader role in that area and initiated Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd Program for Qualifying and Employing Youth. The Program operated in the facility of the College Of Technology until a dedicated modern facility equipped with the latest technologies was donated by the Prince and inaugurated in Dammam in 2005. In 2007, the name of the Program changed to Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd Program for Youth Development which reflected the new vision of HRH of programs and activities that emerge from the need of the youth as seen by themselves . The new approach attracted a bigger number of youngsters thus increasing the efficiency of its achievements. The Program succeeded in employing close to 43, 000 young men and women, training over 35, 000 others during summer programs, and hundreds of targeted workshops and lectures, clubs and a projects incubator. 

The Program has currently branches in Dammam, Hassa, Jubail, Hafr al Baten and Qarea. the late Minister of Interior, HRH Prince Nayef Bin Abdul Aziz gave directives to establish similar programs in all provinces in the Kingdom. The Program won The Dubai International Award for Best Practices to Improve the Living Environment in 2002, and the Sharjah Award for Volunteer Work in 2007.


PMYD has successfully implemented a remarkable number of training, qualification and employment program that are highlighted in the table below as per the latest reports of year. The main areas achievements are the ones listed below: 

1. Building a colossal database of contact for youth locally 
2. Vocational training programs 
3. Job Qualification Programs 
4. Professional Guidance and Counseling 
5. Youth Employment 
Below is a table illustrating the numbers of youth benefiting from PMPYD services up to 2013.

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